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Amazing upcycled fashion!

These dresses were made by Northampton School for Girls using waste and charity shop items.

Top Hints

Reusable batteries and printer cartridges

Encourage the school to use refillable ink cartridges for the printers and rechargable batteries for small appliances.

About the Team


 Northamptonshire Waste and Energy Education Team (NWEET)

David is our Waste and Energy Education Officer and is dedicated to delivering FREE assemblies, workshops, FREE Waste and Energy Education bus sessions and even tours that cover waste issues. 

He works in primary and secondary schools to educate and help children to change their behaviour to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste.  


David with the Waste and Energy Education Bus

at Yelvertoft Primary

Rebecca at our Bins and Bugs day at Brixworth Country Park

Kirsten delivering a 3Rs assembly at Woodland View Primary School


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