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Wipe out Waste at Lunchtime

Take part in the Waste Reduction Challenge and hold a Wipe Out Waste at Lunctime day at school.


Use NWEET to encourage your pupils to reduce the amount of waste they create and to look after their environment by booking a 20 minute assembly.

NEW for Sept 2017

Even Charlie at the Chocolate Factory Should Think About the 3Rs

A 20-30 minute assembly about the 3Rs using the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a bases.  We get your pupils to collect their snack wrapper so that we can take a look at how we can reduce, reuse and recycle our snack waste.


Why the 3Rs?

An assembly that introduces pupils to the issues associated with waste disposal and how they can help to create less waste by reducing, re-using and recycling their rubbish.

Composting – Nature’s recycling

An assembly that introduces pupils to composting. The content includes how to make compost, what to put in to make a healthy mixture and how to take care of the compost bin. Pupils are also asked to think about the issues with waste and why it is important to try and use a compost bin at home or at school.


Why use your food waste caddies?

An assembly that introduces pupils to their food waste caddies.  we talk about what can and can't go in and then look at what they do with the food waste.  this assembly is only applicable in certain areas where food waste is recycled as part of their kerbside recycling collection.


To arrange an assembly please fill in our 'Book a visit' form.

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