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Recycled costumes!

Recycled Alice and Queen of Hearts dresses from Northampton School for Girls

Key Stage 3 & 4

All workshops are for groups of up to 30 pupils and run for 1 hour, however they can be adapted.

New for 2017 - Bauxite Mining (KS3)

A key stage 3 workshop in which we look at how we get aluminium and the environmental impact of getting holding of it.  This helps us to consider the benefits of recycling aluminium cans.

Who killed Mrs Smith? (KS3)

An overview into how waste management is a local and global issue.  This session gives students the opportunity to see why waste management is an important issue through a mystery activity.  (1 hr)

Businesses and Packaging (KS4)

An investigation into packaging and the regulations surrounding waste management for businesses.  This session involves a discussion and group evaluations of various packaging to determine views on what constitutes ‘Over packaging’. (1 hr)

Upcycling (KS3 or 4)

As recycled and upcycled products become more mainstream we look at the benefits of upcycling and using waste materials to make fashion items, accessories and household items.  It also involves demonstrations and a chance to make items that students can create easily at home or at school.

Love Food Hate Waste  (KS3 or 4)

We waste a lot of money each year disposing of our unwanted food.  A simple answer to saving on the household bills to think about food and how to reduce waste.  This session involves looking at all of the ways to reduce food waste.

This can be extended to a project within the school that involves a cooking competition.  Students would use kitchen left overs to create a dish for judging.

 Northamptonshire and Sustainable Waste Management (KS5)

A discussion and investigation into waste management within Northamptonshire.  This session is aimed at KS5 and covers more in-depth consideration of how Waste is managed within the county and how we educate the public on the three R’s.

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