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Recycled costumes!

Recycled Alice and Queen of Hearts dresses from Northampton School for Girls

Top Hints

Recycle in school

Does your school recycle? There is plenty out there that can be recycled: batteries, glasses, ink cartridges to name a few.

Secondary school resources

Find useful Waste and Energy teaching resources for Key Stage 3 and 4 here. Let us know of any other resources we should add.


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Regeneration (KS3) A series of lessons exploring the importance of recycling.

Food Waste Project A guide for planning a food waste project at school.


Design and Technology

Plastics Challenge (KS3) Challenge Pupils to develop a solution to tackle the environmental problems caused by plastic waste either in the UK or Nepal.


Waste to Wear (KS3) Design and make a good quality textiles product from some throwaway textiles that you have collected from home or bought from a charity shop.



Find a number of resources from Practical Action


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