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Get recycling at school!

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10 Reasons to Recycle at School

Recycling at school is not always easy, but get the system right and the benefits can be seen throughout the school and even in the local community.
That’s why NWEET have come up with 10 reasons why you should recycle at school.
If you would like to start recycling at school, or need any additional bins, contact your school’s local borough or district council. Use the Recycle For Northamptonshire Interactive map to find out which council you come under.


1.    Save Money: If your local district or borough council collects your rubbish, then your school pays to have general rubbish collected. Recycling is collected for free.

2.    Make Money:  By collecting items such as textiles, spectacles, or ink cartridges, you can make money for your school or charity.

3.    Sets a good example: If your pupils are used to recycling at school, they might take that behaviour home too.

4.    Raise recycling rates in the local community: By encouraging pupils and therefore parents to recycle, your school could be the driver to improve the overall recycling rates of the local community.

5.    Give your pupils responsibility: get dedicated recycling monitors to empty the classroom bins.

6.    Reward pupils: have a competition between classes or houses over who can recycle the most.

7.    Put learning into practice: recycling comes under your pupil’s Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural learning.

8.    Link it to the curriculum: You can learn about recycling in a huge variety of subjects from geography to science, maths and even English.

9.    Make life easier for your cleaners: recycling means less waste in the black bin, making it an easier task for your cleaners.

10.    Keep your school tidier: having more bins means they’re less likely to overflow and there’s no excuse for littering.

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