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Wipe out Waste at Lunchtime

Take part in the Waste Reduction Challenge and hold a Wipe Out Waste at Lunctime day at school.

10 ways to make money for your Eco-Club

Setting up and running an Eco-club and then applying for the awards can be expensive so hear are a few ideas on how your Eco-club could raise funds.

 1.  Grow your own fruit and vegetables and sell it to staff and parents.

 2.  Make your own products from your fruits and vegetables and sell theses to staff and parents.

 3.  Run a jumble sale.

4.  Organise a sponsored walk or cycle to school week.

5.  Buy reusable cotton shopping bags with your Eco club logo on them and sell these to staff and parents.

6.  Bag up non confidential shredded waste paper and sell it for animal bedding.

7.  Sign your school up for Bags to Schools

8.  Collect Christmas cards and make gift tags read to sell next Christmas.

9.  Ask if you can have some of the old working school equipment and try to sell it through online forums.

10.  Save your school money by getting them involved in Switch Off Fortnight and ask for a small percentage of the saving they make!

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