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Amazing upcycled fashion!

These dresses were made by Northampton School for Girls using waste and charity shop items.

Top Hints

Hold a bring and buy sale

Make money for the school and encouarge reuse.

10 Ways to Recycle Things on your School Grounds

NWEET have compiled a list of 10 ways to help you to recycle all around your school grounds.

1. Compost is nature’s very own recycling method, so why not have a go at school.

2.    You can buy some excellent playground equipment now made from recycled plastic bags.

3.    Grow some plants in a greenhouse made from plastic bottles.

4.    Drip feed your school plants using an old plastic bottle.

5.    Make a bug hotel out of recycled materials.

6.    These plants in bottles are a wonderful addition to school grounds.

7.    Old bottles make very effective bird feeders.

8.    You can grow plants in practically anything.

9.    Old tyres make great adventure playgrounds.

10.    A bottle top mosaic can brighten up school walls.

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