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Recycled costumes!

Recycled Alice and Queen of Hearts dresses from Northampton School for Girls

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21 Ways to recycle plastic bottles


The word ‘plastic’ comes from the Greek plastikos, meaning ‘capable of being shaped and moulded'. One of the most common uses is plastic bottles. More than 285,000 tonnes, or 6,288,502,000 (6.28 billion) household plastic bottles are not recycled in a year ( Here are some ideas of what we can do with a few of those bottles.

No. 1 – Make some plant hangers.

Here is a video to show you how simple it is.


No. 2 - Build a plastic bottle green house. A number of schools in Northamptonshire have already built their own.

Here's how!


No. 3 - Make a shoal of Tropical Fish for home or the classroom

Find out HOW!


 No. 4 – Create a bottle top mosaic, like the ones washed up by Hurricane Sandy.


No. 5 – Water your garden with a Plastic Bottle Sprinkler.

No. 6 – Try and fly to the moon with these fantastic Jet Packs, yay!

No. 7 – Find out how Solar lights are made and used in other countries.

No. 8 – Go Float a boat.

No. 9 – Do you need to organise your pencils, here's HOW

No. 10 – Make a plastic bottle  Bird Feeder.

No. 11 – Plant some flowers in THESE Fun Planters.

No. 12 – Want to grow cress without the eggshell or yoghurt put, Try THIS Hedgehog.

No. 13 – You could find out how to Build a house.

No. 14 –  Build a fantastic plastic bottle canopy.


No. 15 – Make rooms look good with THESE curtains or room dividers.

No. 16 – Keep some money in this great A coin purse.

No. 17 – Save money, with this bottle Piggy Bank.

No. 18 – Decorate your house or garden with Plastic bottle butterflies.

No. 19 – Can you come up for a design like THESE fantastic Bottle cap curtains.

No. 20 –Canyou build an island like SPIRAL ISLAND II


No. 21 – If all else fails put them in the right recycling box or bin.


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