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Wipe out Waste at Lunchtime

Take part in the Waste Reduction Challenge and hold a Wipe Out Waste at Lunctime day at school.

Top Hints

Reusable batteries and printer cartridges

Encourage the school to use refillable ink cartridges for the printers and rechargable batteries for small appliances.

New Year - Try Composting

Is your school composting?  Why not try it for 2018.  If you have a gardening or Ecoclub perhaps they can take the challenge on. You could use some of your schools fruit and vegetable waste to create a useful product that you can use on your schools green areas.  And you can use it to teach pupils about nutrient cycles and decomposition. 

You can book a Composting workshop and/or assembly FREE from NWEET and we can even provide your school with a couple of bins to get you started.

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