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Wipe out Waste at Lunchtime

Take part in the Waste Reduction Challenge and hold a Wipe Out Waste at Lunctime day at school.

Top Hints

Switch off!

When safe to do so, make sure electrical equipment is not left on standby.

Textile Recycling in School

Does your school do any textiles recycling?  Do they raise money for the school by doing it?  Why not try out Bag 2 School … register with them and they will arrange to provide you with collection bags that you hand to your pupils.  You then ask for these back by or on a certain date that co-insides with the when you have arranged a collection from Bag 2 School.  The more clothing that is brought in the more money the school gets in return.  It’s a fun, free and easy way to raise school funds.  Find out more by visiting their website

There may be other companies who offer a similar thing so please take a look online to find out about alternatives.

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