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Be creative with your waste!

These Technicoloured Joseph coats were created by Northampton School for Girls from waste materials.

Top Hints

Switch off!

When safe to do so, make sure electrical equipment is not left on standby.

Top tips to reduce food waste at your school

Food waste often makes up the majority of black bin waste in schools. To help solve this problem NWEET have come up with some hints and tips to help reduce waste at school...

7. Packed lunch checklists will help children choose a healthy lunch they will eat.


6. Reward Pupils for eating their lunch with stickers or certificates


 5. Encourage healthy snacks in reusable containers.


 4. Encourage pupils to reuse their drinks bottle.


 3. Ask your pupils why food is wasted - a great curriculum link to data collection.


2. Find out what your school is throwing away.

 1. Find out how much food is being thrown away.

 If you have completed a project on school food waste and want to share your learning with other schools, contact us at

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