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Be creative with your waste!

These Technicoloured Joseph coats were created by Northampton School for Girls from waste materials.

Top Hints

Have a Waste Free Lunch

Use reusable bottles for drinks and airtight containers for snacks and sandwiches.

Try Out One of New Workshops

Over the Summer we have developed 2 new workshops and 1 new assembly to try to tempt schools to book one of our FREE services ….

Even Charlie at the Chocolate Factory Should Think About the 3Rs

A 20-30 minute assembly about the 3Rs using the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a bases.  We get your pupils to collect their snack wrapper so that we can take a look at how we can reduce, reuse and recycle our snack waste.

Materials and Their Properties

A key stage one workshop in which we look at every day materials and think about the properties they have that make them useful for certain items.  We also consider how these properties can be used to separate the materials in the recycling process.

Bauxite Mining

A key stage 3 workshop in which we look at how we get aluminium and the environmental impact of getting holding of it.  This helps us to consider the benefits of recycling aluminium cans.

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