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Wipe out Waste at Lunchtime

Take part in the Waste Reduction Challenge and hold a Wipe Out Waste at Lunctime day at school.

Top Hints

Create a scrap paper draw

Make sure paper is reused as scrap before being recycled.

Recycling schemes

When the Waste Education Bus visits a school, pupils are given a sheet of stickers to colour in. They then need to stick the stickers to their correct recycling box or bin at home. This list should help the pupils find out which box or bin they need to put their stickers on to, depending on where they live.

Alternatively visit the map on the Recycle for Northamptonshire Website.

Corby Borough Council

Brown Bin - Cardboard, glass, plastics aerosols, foil, paper, cans, tins, wax cartons.

Green Bin -Small animal bedding, green garden waste.

Food Caddy - All types of waste food.

Daventry District Council

Blue box -Plastics, glass, cans, tins, foil, aerosols, spectacles and batteries (bagged).

Red box - Paper, cardboard and wax cartons.

Brown wheelie bin - Green garden waste.

Small brown caddies - All types of solid food waste.

East Northamptonshire Council

Green Lidded wheelie bin - Paper, plastics, cardboard, cans and tins, aerosols, foil, glass and wax cartons.

Silver & green food caddy - All types of food waste.

Brown wheelie bin - garden waste (there is a fee for this bin)

Kettering Borough Council

Red box - Paper

Blue bin - Hard plastic packaging, glass, tin foil, cardboard, juice cartons, aerosols, cans and tins.

Grey wheelie bin - Garden waste

Northampton Borough Council

Green box - Paper, cardboard and wax cartons.

Blue box - Plastics, tin foil, cans, tins, batteries (bagged) and aerosols.

Black Box - Glass and spectacles

Brown wheelie bin - Green garden waste

Brown caddies - All types of solid food waste

South Northamptonshire Council

Blue bin - Paper, glass, cardboard, juice cartons, plastics, tin foil, cans and tins.  Batteries in a bag tied to the bin.

Green wheelie bin - Green garden waste

Silver caddies - All types of solid food waste

Wellingborough Borough Council

Green wheelie bin - Paper, cardboard, wax cartons, cans, tins, plastics, carrier bags, aerosols, foil, glass.

Brown wheelie bin - Green garden waste

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