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Get recycling at school!

Encourage your school to recycle. Contact us for FREE advise and support.

Top Hints

Reusable batteries and printer cartridges

Encourage the school to use refillable ink cartridges for the printers and rechargable batteries for small appliances.

Teaching Resources

Enhance your curriculum with the links below.

  • Recycled Crafts

    Help children and young people to think about waste and how they can help to reduce the amount

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  • Secondary school resources

    Find useful Waste and Energy teaching resources for Key Stage 3 and 4 here. Let us

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  • Primary school resources

    Fit your Waste and Energy learning into the curriculum using these teaching resources. Let us know

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  • Resource Boxes

    Borrow a Recycling or Energy Resource box with lesson plans, books, games, posters and more.


    Recycling Resource

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  • Your Resources

    Share your lesson plans, projects, case studies and resources with other teachers across the county.

    Braunston's Eco

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  • Useful Links

    Find information about other environmental education organisations, videos and games here.


    Use these links to enhance your curriculum

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