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Amazing upcycled fashion!

These dresses were made by Northampton School for Girls using waste and charity shop items.

Top Hints

Create a scrap paper draw

Make sure paper is reused as scrap before being recycled.

Teaching Resources

Enhance your curriculum with the links below.

  • Recycled Crafts

    Help children and young people to think about waste and how they can help to reduce the amount

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  • Secondary school resources

    Find useful Waste and Energy teaching resources for Key Stage 3 and 4 here. Let us

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  • Primary school resources

    Fit your Waste and Energy learning into the curriculum using these teaching resources. Let us know

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  • Resource Boxes

    Borrow a Recycling or Energy Resource box with lesson plans, books, games, posters and more.


    Recycling Resource

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  • Your Resources

    Share your lesson plans, projects, case studies and resources with other teachers across the county.

    Braunston's Eco

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  • Useful Links

    Find information about other environmental education organisations, videos and games here.


    Use these links to enhance your curriculum

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