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Amazing upcycled fashion!

These dresses were made by Northampton School for Girls using waste and charity shop items.

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Recycle in school

Does your school recycle? There is plenty out there that can be recycled: batteries, glasses, ink cartridges to name a few.

Useful Links

Find information about other environmental education organisations, videos and games here.


Use these links to enhance your curriculum or Eco-Schools work and please let us know of more that we should add.

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Environmental Education Organisations

Anglian Water: Visit an education centre or have Anglian Water come to you in school and deliver a range of sessions.


Countryside Classroom: Search for classroom resources or local places to visit and learn about food, farming and the natural environment.


Eco Action Games: Have fun and save the planet with this range of games.


Farming and Countryside Education: Find a farming expert, get teacher training and more.


Forest Schools: Give pupils hands on outdoor learning experiences in the natural environment.  


Keep Britain Tidy: Tackle litter by getting involved with one of many campaigns.


Learning 2 B Sustainable: Training and support for your school on environmental, sustainable and global education.


Northamptonshire Outdoor Education: Our country parks offer excellent outdoor environmental sessions for all ages and abilities.


Practical Action: STEM and geography resources that focus on a range of global issues.


RSPB: Take part in the Big Schools' Bird Watch every year and contribute to national results.


The Bee Shed: Learn about bees, beekeeping and surrounding issues on a school trip to The Bee Shed in Shipley.


The Pod: An award winning education programme from EDF with a huge array of teaching resources and campaign materials.


Waste Free Lunch: This Canadian website has loads of great resources designed to help reduce lunch waste.


Recycling Information

 Alupro: Learn from industry experts about recycling aluminium.


British Glass: Learn from industry experts about the glass supply chain and recycling.


Incpen: Learn from industry experts about the importance of packaging.


Recycle for Northamptonshire: Learn all about how you can reduce, reuse and recycle at home in Northamptonshire.


Recycle Now: Find information on recycling different materials.


Rethink Waste: Advice and tips to helpp you to reduce, reuse and recycle.


Waste Online: Get in depth information on what happens to waste.


Wise Up to Waste: An informative website from London's seven Borough Councils.


WRAP: Waste and Resource Action Programme, expertsin the circular economy.

Sewell District Council: Lots of great information on recycling Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE).


 Games and Videos

Bryson Education: Learn about the 3Rs through different activities.


Clean and Green Game: Correctly recycle all the rubbish in this bedroom.


Foot Fella: A series of videos about helping planet earth. Suitable for KS1.


Reduce Reuse Recycle: A great video for the 3 R song by Jack Johnson.


Litter Duty: A fun game all about keeping school litter free.


My 2050: Reduce CO2 levels by 20% of 1990 levels with this game.


Nike Better World: Use this video to demonstrate how plastic bottles can become football shirts.


Ollie Recycles: An entire website for pupils and teachers about sustainability.


Pack Can: An environmental twist on the classic game.


Recycling Zone: A website for KS2 pupils with games about recycling.

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