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Be creative with your waste!

These Technicoloured Joseph coats were created by Northampton School for Girls from waste materials.

Top Hints

Paper - Fill up every side

Rather than starting a new page for each piece of work, rule off below previous work and continue on the same page.

Resource Boxes

Borrow a Recycling or Energy Resource box with lesson plans, books, games, posters and more.


Recycling Resource Box

Design a lesson your pupils will not forget on Reducing, Reusing and Recycling waste with a resource box.


Paper Making Kit

Do your very own paper recycling with our paper making kit. It includes a book and instructions on how to make your very own paper. A messy, fun and rewarding lesson.


Energy Resource Box

Make renewable energy with our wind turbine and solar panels. The kit also includes games, books, pictures and SEF, the Save Energy Frog, to help pupils record how they use energy and how they can save more.


To book a Resource box,fill in a 'Booking request' form.

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